Australian, Aboriginal & Kiwi Themed Fabric

Australian, Aboriginal & Kiwi Themed Fabric

Australian Themed fabric, quilting, patchwork or sewing, this fabric has our famous Australian animals, flowers or designs.  100% cotton


  • Lynne Powell

    I am amazed at your collection of Australian prints and panels. With so much to choose from it really makes the choosing very difficult.

    I do, however, have one question before I place an order – the fabric “didgeridoo” has been been priced at 17.50 per fat qtr. All your other fat quarters are in the vicinity of $7 – $8. Even the other new fabrics are $7.50 or so. Is this price correct and, if so, what is the reason for such a high price.

    All your fabrics are so lovely with such an eclectic choice for your customers. Thank you.


    • hubsite

      Thanks for asking this question, as I did not realize that I had made this pricing error. I have fixed it up now.

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