Quilting Sewing Fabric Aboriginal Emu Dreaming Material 50x55cm FQ


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Quilting Sewing Fabric ABORIGINAL EMU DREAMING Allover Material 50x55cm FQ


Size:  This is sold as a fat quarter or 50 x 55cm, if you want more please see the table below for bigger sizes

This is an Authentic Aboriginal Australian designed fabric.  Each fabric piece has its own meaning and story.  The following is the background of this fabric design.

The emu is visible almost everywhere in Australia.  Is is the biggest bird.  They have shaggy grey brown feathers, long necks and long legs.  The emu is the biggest flightless birds and bears the honour of the Australian Coat of Arms.  The emu is the sole member of the family Dromalid of the order casuarinas.  The bird is 1.5 meters tall and weighs more than 45kg.  These fast running birds live in small mobs and eat green plants, seeds and insects.  The male emu incubates the dark green eggs on the ground for 55 days.

We Cut all of our Fabric straight off The Roll, Purchase More Than One Fat Quarter And Your Fabric Will Be Sent in One Continuous Piece.

This 100% Cotton fabric is suitable for all of your purposes. You could make anything from Quilts, dolls, curtains, clothes, cushions, Craft projects or just about anything our heart desires.
This particular fabric is being sold as a Fat Quarter.

What is that?

A Fat Quarter or FQ, is a quilting term for a quarter of a meter and in Australia measures approx 50 x 55cm (20 x 22inches). See table below.


 But What if I need more than a Fat Quarter?

Well that is no problem.  As you can see from the table above, we sell this fabric by all sizes.  Just find the size you are wanting from the list on the left hand side of the above table, and it will tell you the corresponding quantity to put into the quantity box. 

Eg for 2.5 meters or 250cm put in 10 into the quantity box, for half a meter put in 2 and for 1m or 100cm put in 4 and so on.

The price is the current price x the quantity.  Please remember that this price also includes postage within Australia.

For our USA customers.  1 yard is just under 100cm.  So if you are wanting 1 yard, please put in 4 into the quantity box.

We are a registered quilting shop in Qld, Australia, and we Cut all of our Fabric straight off the Roll, Purchase More Than One Fat Quarter and your Fabric will be sent as a Continuous Piece.


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