Shopping For Fabrics

Somethings Country is the Exclusive Seller of “Sew Better” Branded sewing related products.

Shopping For Fabrics

To buy fabrics from our site, please note the use of FQ or Fat Quarter or Panel.

A FQ or Fat Quarter is a piece of fabric that is 50 x 55cm.  If you wish to have a bigger piece, this is possible, by ordering more.  If  you order 2, the piece you will get is 110cm (width of fabric) x 50cm.  For 3 = 110 x 75cm, for 4 110 x 100cm, 5= 110 x 125cm and so on.

Most of our fabrics come in a standard 110cm or 44 inches wide.  We cannot make these fabrics wider and unless stated, please think of them as this width.

A panel is a set size of fabric.  Eg 60 x 110cm.  If you order 2 of these, we will send it joined together and will be 120 x 110cm as the width of fabric does not change.

If you have any further question, contact me.




  1. HABIBAH YAHYA says:

    hi janelle how are you? im bib from malaysia. still remember me… i would like to buy a few things from u.. hope to hear from u soon..

  2. Frances Whitehead says:

    will you be getting dream garden butterfly fabric in again? Also can you get it with the word LOVE and underneath All because two people fell in love.

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