Vinyl HTV Glitter Heat Vinyl Transfer Single Sheet For Cricut or Scan N Cut


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Vinyl HTV Glitter Heat Vinyl Transfer Single Sheet For Cricut or Scan N Cut

Glitter Flex Ultra Heat Transfer Vinyl! Glitter Flex Ultra is a brilliant and sparkling solution for fabrics especially those used in the fashion industry. An amazing colour selection of high glitter strong and flexible HTV.

I use this with my Brother Scan N Cut.

How to Use:

  • Make sure you cut from the+back.  (The dull side, not the glossy glittery side).  This means if you are doing words ect, you will need to reverse your image.
  • Cut only through the back layer and leave the thick plastic in tack.
  • Weed (pull up the unwanted sections) of your vinyl, after you cut.
  • Leave your design on the thick plastic sheeting.  Now you can transfer this straight to your project.  I have used this on many T’shirts, T-towels and even wood.  Anything that can be ironed.  Yes you can use a heat press if you have one, but not necessary.
  • Pop a piece of cloth between your iron and the plastic sheeting (I find with this one, that I don’t really need to do this, as my iron doesn’t melt the plastic in any way, however other iron may).  Dry iron on high heat and rub over your design for approx 30secs to 1 minute.
  • Whilst hot, peel gently and carefully peel the plastic off the vinyl design.  If the design is starting to lift, reiron for longer.  Peel the plastic off and give another iron.  With the glitter, I can Iron directly on it with my iron, but you may want to use an ironing cloth.  Iron for a good minute or so.
  • I have done successfully with this HTV layers of colours on top of each other as well.
  • Now you are done.
  • I wash my t-shirts as normal, and if any of the edges start to lift with ear and tear, iron them again and they should restick.
  • This is the BEST iron on glitter HTV that I have ever used, and yes I have even iron this onto wooden signs.

Choose your colour, from the drop down menu.

Each sheet is approx 25 x 25cm (+/- 1 or 2 cm)

I make them this size for ease of postage and it fits nicely onto your mats.



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