Brother Sewing Machine Genuine Clear Set of 10 Bobbins


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Sewing Machine Genuine BROTHER Clear Set of 10 Bobbins NEW

Plastic Bobbins

One of your most needed accessories, in a convenient 10 pack.   If you do a lot of sewing or even just sew every now and then, we all need extra bobbins.  I hate it when I start with a new colour and can’t find an empty bobbin to wind.  Or even worse having to unwind a full bobbin, or how annoying to wind over the another colour and it will always run out 10cm before you finish.  Here is a sure way to stop all that and is to grab a 10 pack of bobbins or 2 or even more.

One of your most needed accessorries, in a convenient 10 pack.

These bobbins are the 11.5mm

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