Set of 10 Rotary Cutting Blades 45mm Fits All Brands Olpha Clover Truecut Kai


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Set of 10 Rotary Cutting Blades 45mm Fits All Brands, Olpha, Clover, Truecut, Kai NEW

Sick and tired of getting ready to start sewing and you grab your cutter and you have another blunt blade in it?  It is late at night, or you only have been into town to go to the shops and you certainly don’t want to go back there again today!  So what do you do, you struggle, curse and swear that next time you will get more blades and have spares, and not just purchase them 1 at a time.  Well normally they are so expensive, so I don’t blame you.

Well not anymore!   We have solved this problem, by selling you pack of 10, yes TEN blades.  All in one convenient plastic storage case.  10 blades for less than the price of 4 normally.  How good is that!  How, you ask?   Well we are again cutting out the middle man, that adds all that expensive packaging and branding onto the same product.  Yep, we bring the SAVINGS to YOU!

These steele rotary cutting blades will fit ALL brands of cutters that are the standard 45mm.  High quality, you won’t be dissapointed.

Just like a warm knife through butter, we have tried and tested these blades ourselves in our quilting shop and LOVE THEM!  Love the quality, how you get to SAVE money, time and from tearing your hair out, as you will always have a spare nearby.

Just in case you don’t know, take a look at how to change your rotary cutter blades below.  This tutorial is pretty much the same with all brands of cutters as well.


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