New Brother Scan N Cut SDX Auto Blade Holder, does not fit CM Machines



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New Brother Scan N Cut SDX1200 Auto Blade Holder, does not fit other Machines

Brother’s ScanNCut SDX1200, will take you to new creative heights thanks to state-of-the-art upgrades and new features that are changing the game.

To continue being able to create wonderful projects using this innovative machine, you will need at some point new accessories.

This is the Standard Auto Blade Holder (holder only, does not include blade).  This auto blade holder will only work with the Brand New Brother Scan N Cut DX, and will not work with all other machines.

The New Brother Scan N Cut DX with the auto blade detects the depth of material or paper on the mat and will automatically adjust the depth and pressure to cut perfectly.

For detailed instructions on the use and care of this, please refer to your machines user manual.

HOT TIP!!  When using the auto blade holder, you will need the auto blade as well.  I have a couple of these around, especially for the material and paper.  Just like your “fabric” scissors, and “paper” scissors, so are your blades.  Yes Brother has a specifically designed blade and holder for fabric, this is not it, please check our listings for the fabric one.  This particular one, however will cut heavier fabrics, but you shouldn’t be cutting paper and other things with them, so I have one in a pencil case which I have marked fabric and one for paper/cardstock.  That way I can change quickly and easily when I change what I am doing.  I also downgrade my material ones to cardstock and other thick items, once they are too blunt for fabric use.

ScanNCut DX: Ten NEW Features to NOTE! – YouTube

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ScanNCut SDX125 with Blade Sensor Technology – YouTube

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