Kitchen Cooking Botanical Apron Adult One Size Polyester


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Kitchen Cooking Botanical Apron Adult One Size Polyester

  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 68x80cm

Nothing says “home-baked” like a lovely apron. This design is a classic in the kitchen and is sure to give your home a dash of charm. This delightful design will spruce up your Sunday bake-off with practicality and style.

Go about your baking in this Apron. Forget about ill-fitting aprons and one-size-fits-none. This apron has an adjustable strap above the neckline so you can get the perfect fit every time. It’s a full-length apron which will keep you batter-free from head to toe.

The Apron Botanical is one of our favourite aprons, the exceptional appeal which this apron possesses is not without the contribution of its appealing shapeliness, the premium quality of its material and the lovely floral themed decorative accent. It would be perfect for whoever who enjoy cooking.
Despite how tedious and time consuming cooking delicacies might be, it is still a daily duty for some people. And do you know that some people actually enjoy cooking? These are the people we may refer to as the true chefs! Such category of persons would immediately be drawn towards this Apron Botanical as it is an apron that is not only functional for their cookery needs, but would also brighten their mood through the apron‚ bright palette while they are engaged in whatever processes is needed to churn out those sweet delicacies.

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but if you can cook or even if you can’t at least you can look the part in this attractive apron.  Great to pop on over the work clothes so they don’t get splatters on them.  Who has time to change now a days, when this is so simple to slip it on.


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