French Country Blacke Towel Rack Standing Wrought Iron


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French Country Blacke Towel Rack Standing Wrought Iron

Our beautiful Rustic Towel Rack is one of those pieces that are not just functional; it’s beautiful and decorative as well. It has the appearance of a well wrought work of iron from centuries ago, when skilled craftsmen used metals to create household items such as furniture and utilitarian pieces for everyday use.

Elegance can come in many shapes and forms and this gorgeous towel stand is the perfect example of how a towel rack ought to be designed. Made of iron, this pattern has been used to create a beautifully balanced stand in a white colour. The three rods across should hold towels spread across its width. Use it in the bathroom, dressing room or the likes

Towel stands are graceful – they make statement in a stylish sort of way that is great for bathroom that want to build in a sense of luxury over plain utility. After all bath time was always meant to be part of the luxury laden time of the day, in the past of course. Great for hanging large bath towels as much as for smaller hand towels and the likes. Will fit into the smallest of washrooms or dress up the wall in the dressing room also. Sometimes all you need is a lovely luxurious feel accessory to dress up your bathrooms and this is one such piece. The beauty of the design also lies in the fact that this piece could be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor as well.


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