Brother Scan N Cut SDX Low Tack Mat 12×24 Inch Not Suitable for CM Machines


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Brother Scan N Cut SDX1200 LOW TACK MAT 12×24 INCH New

Brother’s ScanNCut SDX Machines will take you to new creative heights thanks to state-of-the-art upgrades and new features that are changing the game.

To continue being able to create wonderful projects using this innovative machine, you will need at some point new accessories.

Specially designed for delicate or thin paper like printer paper or vellum.

Main Features

  • Durable, long-lasting adhesive strength
  • Mat can also be used for scanning
  • For use with the Brother ScanNCut DX1200 machine
  • For detailed instructions on the use and care of this mat, please refer to your machine’s user manual
  • Use of other mats in the ScanNCut DX1200 machine may damage the unit and void warranty

HOT TIP!!  Use non scented, alcohol free baby wipes to clean your mat, after every session of use.  Dust particles and residue from what you have just cut, will stick and may embed into your mat.  To keep your mat clean, healthy and sticky, wipe it over with baby wipes, until clean and fresh.  Wait a couple of minutes and your mat will become tacky again.

ScanNCut DX: Ten NEW Features to NOTE! – YouTube

ScanNCut SDX125 with Blade Sensor Technology – YouTube


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