Patchwork Quilting Sewing Fabric Panel Primitive Dolls Border Print 40x110cm New


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Patchwork Quilting Sewing Fabric Panel PRIMITIVE DOLLS BORDER PRINT 40x110cm New

:  approx 40 x 110cm

If you order 2 of these, they will come a 1 piece of 80 x 110cm and so on.  This fabric is lovely with dolls and other lovelys on it.

This 100% Cotton fabric is suitable for all of your purposes. You could make anything from Quilts,

dolls, curtains, clothes, cushions, Craft projects or just about anything our heart desires.  This

particular fabric is being sold as a Panel.

What is that?

A Panel is a specific measurement of fabric, that is usually cut to the repeat of a design. 

In the case of border strips it is because the design is going across the fabric and includes

a couple of the repeats.  The panel may be a cushion panel size or larger.  Please see the

But What if I need more than a panel?

Well that is no problem. When it is a border fabric, please remember the borders will not

get longer, but you will get more borders. 

If it is a cushion panel, the more you buy may mean they are not joined.

description above for more details.  When possible they will come joined when you

order more, but sometimes this is not possible.

Additional information

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