Japanese Sashiko Printed White Cotton Cloth Stars 31x31cm


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Japanese Sashiko Printed White Cotton Cloth Stars 31x31cm

100% cotton pre-printed fabric 31 x 31cm perfect for embroidery projects, sewing or incorporate into quilt blocks. Sashiko means “little stabs” and is a traditional Japanese embroidery style which dates back to the edo period. It is a practical and beautiful style perfect for embroidery projects, mending and quilting.
  • 31 x 31cm
Composition: Cotton
Care Instructions: Pattern on cloth is water soluble. | Do not steam iron or spray fabric with water until design is finished. | Hand wash only | Do not bleach | Dry flat in shade | Cool iron | Do not dry clean

Sashiko, a Japanese style of stitching.  Traditionally, this style of stitching uses repetitive patterns and is usually stitched on a navy fabric in white thread.  This however, can be done in whatever colour you prefer.

Top 5 Sashiko Tips | To enjoy Sashiko Stitching more. – YouTube

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