French Country Patchwork Bed Quilt Oceania Coverlet Assorted Sizes


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French Country Patchwork Bed Quilt Oceania Coverlet Assorted Sizes

This listing is for assorted sizes of this quilt. Please check the size available and choose the appropriate listing for the size you want.


Firstly quilts come from the Manufacturers in many different sizes. There is NO standard size in quilts, just like there is no standard size in Beds. Beds are different heights, mattresses are different thicknesses, and people also like their quilts to come down to different parts of the bed, eg, to the floor or just past the mattress. Measure from where you want the quilt to come down to on the side, and go up and over the top and down to the other side, to where you want it to go to. Then do this from the top of your bed to the bottom. This will give you an idea or what size you are looking for. Please check our listing, as we will list it in the description as the size we get it from the Manufacturer. Which means some of our Queens from one supplier is actually bigger than some of our Kings from another. PLEASE CHECK

Now these are Quilts and NOT Bead spreads. They don’t have slits up the ends for bed posts and like in the pictures, they are not fitted to your mattress. These quilts do come with pillowcases. The pillow cases match and are also quilted. These quilts are made with 100% cotton, which makes them light, but warm, breathable, so suitable for even a baby or small child, and 100% machine washable. They are so easy to care for, they don’t bunch up. Suitable for beds for all the family and all age groups.

Quilts come in many different sizes, the most common are below.

THROW – This is commonly approx sizes of either 130 x 150, or 150 x 150cm. These are mainly used to throw over the couch or the end of the bed. They are approx the size of the top of the double quilt. We use them watching TV as a lap rug, that keeps you warm in winter, so it saves on those annoying electricity bills.

SINGLE/KING SINGLE – Most of the singles we sell, will suit a king single and are quite large. Please check your measurements of your bed first.

DOUBLE – These are now getting rarer, as most places don’t sell doubles any more, but some of our singles will fit a double, Check your measurements.

QUEEN – Our most popular size. These are good size Queens, so remember, just because you had a king doona, does not necessarily mean you need a king quilt. Check your size of your bed and order accordingly. Our queens usually range from 230 x 230cm.

KING – These are huge and average around the 245 x 265.

SUPER KING: Even Bigger, So make sure you have a huge bed to accommodate.


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