Clock Country Vintage Inspired Wall Espresso Beach 33cm



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Clock Country Vintage Inspired Wall Espresso Beach 33cm

If you have to look at a clock everyday, why not look at one that is beautiful as well as functional. 

Our clocks not only show off and look like a little bit of artwork on the wall, but they actually work and tell the time as well.  Isn’t that what you want with one anyway?

A clock can very well play a double role as a decor element in any space with its styling and colour – and this gorgeous value clock with a diameter of 33 cm is what makes it so very charming. This has an amazing ability to add a colour pop to your decor. The clock hands and the numbering are all clearly visible making its functionality as a clock as good as its great looks. One of those products that with its looks will add that element of chic like very few pieces of decor can.

Approx 33cm

Uses an AA Battery

The clock on the microwave isn’t cutting it for you anymore, so you’ve decided to opt for a wall clock to use in your kitchen as well, or even the Lounge or another room. You want something that not only gives you the time, but that also looks like a piece of art you want to proudly display. This Clock is just the type of decorative accent you’ve been searching for.

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