New Website - Somethings Country Gifts, Homewares and Quilting

New Website – Somethings Country Gifts, Homewares and Quilting


Hopefully we have ironed out all the glitches of having a new site.  Nothing like the feeling of a website crash the night of launch.   Apparently we had too many products and too many visitors to cope with the “activity” on the site and not enough Memory, so the server crashed.  So doubled the allowed memory and yes we were up.

Then we sent out another Email, oops it happened again.  So we now tripled the Memory from the last update and we all should be happy and no more crashes.

We have had a couple of pages not showing properly, these should have all been fixed now.  Hopefully you have had a look around and have found it easy to navigate.  If you should have any problems or suggestions, please let me know.

New Website - Somethings Country Gifts, Homewares and Quilting

Everything is not on our site as yet however.  We currently have over 2100 listings on here, and I think that we would probably have about that to go.  Way more than I first thought of when first started this process LOL.

You should be able to look more successfully on your mobile devices now, unlike before, and having automatic checkout, hopefully will help as well.  Prices now include postage, but if you are buying multiple items and we find that the “extra” allowed for postage is more than needed, we are putting in vouchers for the next purchase to compensate.

New Website - Somethings Country Gifts, Homewares and Quilting

Our customers, were wanting a better postage option, and we found this way, hopefully as a better solution.

We have had lots of new things added online.  The “New” banner over the product will stay on there for a month.  It automatically goes on there when newly added, so at the moment, the “old” products will show up as new as well.   This will settle down in time.

Lots of new stock has arrived instore as well.  Have you been able to come in and have a look?  New furniture items as well.


Thanks for taking the time to look over my websites, and taking the time to check me out.  My small business needs your support to continue bringing you affordable products, gifts and Homewares.

A couple of people have rang me and asked where our wooden handmade items are?  Well they are still coming.   We haven’t put them online as yet, but will be doing this, we just are reveiwing sizes and product selection as well as getting new images for your Rubbish bins ect.  Keep looking as I have been adding new things to this site EVERYDAY.



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