Zweigart White 10 Count Twist Canvas Size 50X100cm


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Zweigart WHITE 10 Count TWIST CANVAS Size 50X100cm

10 Count Canvas in White.  This canvas is stiffish, and would suit a variance of stitching techniques.

Cross stitch a purse or long stich, tapestry or embroider.  The harder feel about this gives it more substance and stiffer than normal cloth.  It feels plastic.

10 count means that there is 10 holes per inch.

This cloth is 100cm wide from selvedge to selvedge.  We are selling this as a half meter cuts.

If you order it will come 50 x 55 100cm, 2 is 100 x 100cm and so on.

They will be as a joined piece and not cut into smaller pieces if you order more than 1

This will come folded.


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