Quilting Patchwork Sewing Fabric Tools on Cream Material 50x55cm FQ


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Quilting Patchwork Sewing Fabric TOOLS ON CREAM Cotton Material 50x55cm FQ NEW

This 100% Cotton fabric is suitable for all of your purposes. You could make anything from Quilts,

dolls, curtains, clothes, cushions, Craft projects or just about anything our heart desires.
This particular fabric is being sold as a Fat Quarter.

What is that?

A Fat Quarter or FQ, is a quilting term for a quarter of a meter and in Australia measures approx

50 x 55cm (20 x 22inches). See table below.


But What if I need more than a Fat Quarter?

Well that is no problem. We sell our fabric to whatever measurements you require. The fabric is

only 110cm (44 inches) wide, unless otherwise stated, but the length can be varied by the

quantity you enter into the quantity box.

Fat Quarter Sizes

Fat Quarters Ordered

This is the fabric size you will receive in cm and (inches)


50 x 55cm (20 x 22inches)


50 x 110cm (20 x 44inches)


75 x 110cm (29.5 x 44inches)


100 x 110cm (39 x 44 inches)


125 x 110cm (49 x 44 inches)


150 x 110cm (59 x 44inches)


175 x 110cm (69 x 44 inches)


200 (2 meters) x 110cm (79 x 44inches)

And So On…..

We Cut all of our Fabric straight off The Roll, Purchase More Than One Fat Quarter And Your

Fabric Will Be Sent in One Continuous Piece.

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