Ladelle Eco Recycled Natural Oven Gloves Set of 2 for Hot Oven


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Ladelle Eco Recycled Natural Oven Gloves Set of 2 for Hot Oven

100% Recycled Cotton Blend

In every well-equipped kitchen, you will find oven gloves, simply because they are so useful and versatile. One for each hand makes holding hot handles easy and safe.  We now welcome a more sustainable material when it comes to what we choose to wear and use in our homes. Ladelle has listened to their Eco-conscious consumers in the creation of their new Eco Recycled ranges. Recycled or regenerated cotton is utilizing an abundant resource of off cuts which would otherwise be sent to landfill and giving them a new purpose. Melbourne based Ladelle has been at the forefront of quality kitchen linens and homewares since 1984. Their Eco Range is both stylish and functional while capturing the latest global trends to a greener future.

The Eco Recycled products are all created using the off cuts of materials that would otherwise be heading to landfill. These materials are sorted and then rewoven into the fabric used to crease our products, providing more jobs for workers and allowing you to make a positive impact on the environment. These products are the perfect addition for any home as it is helping our environment, whilst providing you with a stylish and high quality product
Size 33cm x 18cm


  • Warm Machine washable
  • Padded, to protect hands from the heat
  • Soft Terry toweling padding

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