Husqvarna Viking EPIC 980Q Sewing Quilting WiFi Machine NEW 5yr Warranty


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Husqvarna Viking EPIC 980Q Sewing Quilting WiFi Machine NEW 5yr Warranty

A winning combination of guidance and freedom.  Take advantage of the convenient JoyOS Advisor™
feature, our special interactive resource that supplies Interactive Tutorials, Stitch Techniques, Quick Help and The Complete User’s Guide
• Select your fabric type for a wide selection of applicable sewing techniques.
• Select your preference, from basic to intricate sewing details.
• Let the machine instantly set the best stitch, stitch width/length, thread tension or thread portioning for your selected fabric type.
• Automatically regulate presser foot pressure for the technique you’ve chosen.
• Consult animations and illustrations to assist you with expert advice on the screen.
• Learn how to sew different techniques like zippers, collars, hems, and more.
• Access exclusive HUSQVARNA VIKING® stitch techniques, provided with step-by-step instructions,
illustrations and animations.
• With our Quick Help feature, you can touch any stitch, icon or function to see its name and description.
• Open the User’s Guide directly on your screen to review everything you need to know about your machine.  All of this is illuminated over an attractive tablet-like display – an interface that allows for multi-touch functions, just like operating your smartphone or tablet

 Optional extension table

The EPIC™|980Q incorporates a revolutionary new lighting system, developed by optronic experts. The
working area involves a number of powerful LEDs mounted on the light module, for a uniquely bright
sewing experience that virtually eliminates shadows and blind spots. This illumination, combined with the light guide optics, ensures that exceptional light is cast throughout the entirety of the workspace, enabling fabric and stitches to be observed in true color. With this kind of clarity, anything that you can envision is yours to share.
The EPIC™|980Q is a splendid combination of large sewing area and durable presence. It boasts the most generous working area available, optimized with a sewing head designed for visibility, so you can survey the area with great clarity. This spacious platform is complemented by the lightweight one-piece aluminum casting, which means the EPIC™|980Q is the lightest machine in its class with the largest operating space. Durable, quiet and extremely stable, this machine stands still so you can make history
With one touch of a button your needle is threaded and ready to sew with the built-in fully automatic
needle threader.
A generous 10.1” (217 x 136mm) full-color capacitive multi-touch LCD display with 180° viewing angle and high resolution (1280 x 800px) offers you the easy to navigate, intuitive experience when you swipe, pinch and zoom.
Automatically sew both sides of the buttonhole in the same direction for evenly balanced buttonholes. Choose from 11 buttonhole styles for perfectly balanced buttonholes every time.
The included Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot is designed to feed layers of fabric and batting evenly – no matter what type of fabric. Especially suited for quilting and fabrics that need perfect pattern matching.
Keep all the included accessories handy in the accessory tray. The customized compartments allow you to store your presser feet in alphabetical order, and has a slot for the sensor buttonhole foot and a
designated space for the second stitch plate, needle packages, extra tools and more
JoyOS Advisor™ feature with new software features including 59 animated or illustrated step-by-step
tutorials and more
• Largest working area height, 5.5” (140mm)
• Largest working area width, over 12.2” (310mm)
• Largest height under sewing head, 3” (77mm)
• Explore exclusive and patented stitch techniques like appliqué, sequin and pop-up stitches
• mySewnet™ Cloud – Automatic synchronization and software updates through WiFi
• JoyOS Advisor™ App for mobile and remote smart monitoring and planning
• LED light system module provides an evenly distributed illumination for shadow minimization in the work area
• Exclusive Sensor System ™ technology, a sewer’s and quilter’s dream – the machine continuously
senses and adjusts to any fabric thickness for even feeding as you sew
• deLuxe ™ Stitch System delivers automatic thread portioning / thread tension
• Stitch through heavy fabrics or several layers without hestitation – 150Nw maximum pulsating
needle force for superior sewing through heavy/dense fabrics of multiple layers
• One-piece aluminum casting for a lightweight vibration-reducing, sturdy and quiet apparatus
• Ability to use large thread cones without the need for extra attachment .
• All necessary sewing functions with a touch of a button: Start/Stop button to sew without using
the foot control, set the needle to always stop up or down, automatic thread cutter, reverse, speed
and more
• 5 sewing alphabets with upper and lower-case letters for easy programming
• Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot automatically sews perfectly balanced buttonholes
• Balance setting for easy editing when using special fabric or thread
• Straight stitch plate and sensor for needle-damage reduction
• 2 free-motion settings, spring action and floating – Choose the one most convenient for you
• Line up stitches to sew exactly where you want them
– use the Stitch Positioning feature and select to sew your straight stitch in 29 different positions
• Two USB ports
• Rubber insert on handle for secure grip
• Soft cover for dust-free storage
Complete, convenient capability at your

 Experience the EPIC™|980Q sewing machine

|980Q, you’ll discover intuitive, leading-edge features created to help you get from “idea to done” in less time than ever before. The lightest and largest computerized sewing machine available to sewers today, this sleek and integrated sewing machine includes everything that our previous models have to offer, then takes your sewing experience to an entirely new level. You can enhance your creative capabilities, and bring any of your ideas to life – with any fabric.
Designed and engineered in Sweden – MADE FOR SEWERS, BY SEWERS™.
• 10.1” tablet-like screen
• Automatic needle threader
• 30% larger bobbin
• Improved threading with a new telescopic thread guide
• Increased stability and less vibration
• Ability to use large thread cones without the need for extra
• New thread path for bobbinwinding
• New processor with much faster response time
• Improved sewing quality and performance
• Decorative lights on side
• Decorative lights in thread cover
• Two reverse buttons
• Rubber insert on handle
• Fabric soft cover
• Guide lines on the bobbin cover both in inches and centimeters
• Bobbin cover is now inserted in stitch plate
• Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot Included
• 13 storage slots for presser feet, organized in alphabetic order
• Specific storage for straight stitch plate
• Re-designed Graphic User Interface
• Two USB Ports
• More stitches including exclusive stitch techniques such as sequin stitches, pop-up stitches and more
• Largest working area width, over 12.2” (310mm)
• Largest working area height, 5.5” (140mm)
• Largest height under sewing head, 3” (77mm)
• Brightest and most evenly distributed lighting, preventing any shadows in your work area
• Tablet-like screen – swipe, pinch and zoom
• Highest needle force
• Largest on screen visual working area
• Largest ruler on base plate (19”, 48.5cm)
• Largest stitchplate with clear markings on both sides – up to 2 ½” (65mm)
deLuxe™  Stitch System –Thread portioning/Thread tension
• Exclusive Sensor System ™ technology
• Dimensional stitches – Sequin, Appliqué and Pop-up
• Theme Stitches
• Bobbin winding through needle
• Universal tool – magnetic screw driver

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