French Country Vintage Ceramic Book Planter with Frog Ornaments



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French Country Vintage Ceramic Book Planter with Frog Ornaments

Approx Overall Dimensions: 19x10x12cm

For a finishing touch in one’s garden. Frogs are adored for their impressive trait to change colour to blend with the surrounding habitat. The frog sculpture further intensifies the charm of this piece. Planter Shoe with Frog is a charming piece that would match every home interior and exterior decor. A custom-made piece by professional crafters. The green hand-painted piece is spattered with shades of yellow-gold. It has a glossy finishing enhancing finesse.

This beautiful piece will look great in any room, lounge, bedroom, dining or kitchen.  All you have to do is decide where.  Or maybe you want to give it to a friend or family member as a present.  Know that you will be appreciated every day they look at it.  You want something that not only gives you the pleasure, when you look at it, but that also looks like a piece of art that you will want to proudly display. This print is just the type of decorative accent you’ve been searching for.


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