French Country Tissue Box Rectangle White Inca Holder Box


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French Country Tissue Box Rectangle White Inca Holder Box

  • Size: 25x14x9.5cm
The Tissue Box Indie is a prepossessing box given its fabulous aesthetic appeal which is bound to attract and sustain the attention of your customers. Unlike conventional tissue boxes which sometimes sacrifice aesthetics for practical functionality, this Tissue Box Indie is both practically functional as a container for tissue paper as well as an aesthetically charged ornament which will elevate the atmosphere of every décor.
Constructed in a long rectangular shape in a large sized dimension which measures 25 centimetres in length, 14 centimetres in width and 9.5 centimetres in height, this Tissue Box Indie was made large and spacious with the purpose of being able to contain more tissue papers. It is crafted using high quality medium density fibreboard material. The box itself is painted in an alluring jade shade of green with the front decorated with several small gold coloured triangles while the lid is left in its wooden brown palette with a slit for easy tissue removal.


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