French Country Tea Bag Box Square White Tree of Life Teabag Holder


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French Country Tea Bag Box Square White Tree of Life Teabag Holder

Size: 24x24x8cm

Are you a tea drinker?  Do you just stick the same one or do you experiment with things like Lychee Tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint and Chamomile and the list goes on?

Well good for you, Tea is so high in antioxidants and other lovely things.  Pat yourself on the back.  What you need now is a stylish storage container to store all of those different teas in.  (or the bulk pack of the same one)

If you think there’s nothing better than a good cuppa, then naturally you’ll want somewhere cool to store all your favourite teas – and this Tea Bag Caddy is just the thing it has 9 storage compartments.

Keep it on the kitchen table, the mantel shelf or your coffee to tea drinking den-there is no reason why you would not like to flaunt its lovely look. Solid in its structure and large enough to hold several types of teas in it-this tea box is an accessory for your tea time affording you the freshest of storage for tea bags, discard the carton that tea bags come in and make use of this splendid tea box designed exclusively to keep it fresh and smelling just as you would want your tea to.
So be it your favourite Darjeeling or the spice tea from foothills of Kandy in Srilanka, this box features six compartments to sort the varieties of teas and flavours.  The paint on the bottom of the box, may have some minor imperfections in paint, but will not affect the beauty of the actual box.

This Box is a handy tool who know that the art of enjoying tea isn’t just in the brewing, but also in the storage.


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