French Country Soap Dispenser AQUA BLUE Kitchen Bathroom Decor


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French Country Soap Dispenser AQUA BLUE Kitchen Bathroom Decor

If you want to give your home the feel of a time when retro was real, then look no further than this Jug.  It has a retro vintage style, and is perfect for giving your home a bit of a ’50s look.

Product Dimensions: 7x7x20.5cm
Product Material: Glass, Plastic

Much like waves on water, this aqua coloured soap dispenser wears its stylish looks rather well. Made from sturdy glass that has been given this gorgeous tint of colour, this charming and elegant bottle will make your handwash time so much more attractive and filled with ease. Gently push down the top and you will instantly get an adequate amount of soap flowing out, well balanced design. It will look positively stunning when placed amidst your wash basin regalia.

Make your wash basin look as graceful and charming with the elegant presence of this gals made dispenser that will help ease your soap dispensing with its utterly stylish looks. Designed to dispense soap in one easy push – the dispenser comes in a size that will give you adequate soap in it thus not needing to many refills too soon and yet not to large to lose its balance. The glass bottle is tinted blue and its silver coloured top combines superbly with the colour of the lower body. You could combine any other wash basin accessory with the looks of this one the sturdy glass body should see you much of the usage that such articles have to see each day. The bottle is 20.5 cm tall with a 7 cm diameter and its body has this wave pattern that adds to its curved beautiful looks

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