French Country Kitchen Cooking Marble Mortar and Pestle Large Black


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French Country Kitchen Cooking Marble Mortar and Pestle Large Black

Product Dimensions: 16x16x9H cm
Product Material: Marble

A pestle and mortar can come in very handy when preparing various kinds of food delicacies at home. Laboratories also benefit greatly from this tool – set, especially when various specimens need some crushing prior to their application in chemical experiments.

Mortar & Pestle large is a beautiful set of crushing tools. The mortar has a semicircular form, whereas the pestle has slightly – bulging ends. They turn into invaluable instruments when seeking for a way of reducing raw matter into fine pieces or food particles. Marble is utilized for their construction, making them long – lasting products to have at any place. In addition, they also radiate huge amounts of light, owing to their pearl – white appearance. Mortar & Pestle Large has sizeable capacity which can accommodate large volumes of content per session of crushing.

This beautiful piece will look great out on display in your Kitchen.  Or maybe you want to give it to a friend or family member as a present.  Know that you will be appreciated every day they look at it.  You want something that not only gives you the pleasure, when you look at it, but that is functional as well. 

It looks as if it were purchased right from an antique shop. However, you know style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret at how little this really cost you.


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