Enamel Retro Kitchen Scraps Compost Bucket with Filter Charcoal Grey


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Enamel Retro Kitchen Scraps Compost Bucket with Charcoal Filter Charcoal Grey

 If you want to give your home the feel of a time when retro was real, then look no further than this Lovely Enamel Item. It has a retro vintage style, and is perfect for giving your home a bit of a ’50s look.


Sick of seeing the ugly, tired bucket in your lovely Kitchen that you use for Kitchen Food Scraps??

Well look no further. This CHARCOAL GREY Garbage Scraps Tin is just what you need.

It is made of Enamel. Featuring high grade steel with a high gloss enamel that is both sleek and stylish. The retro looking garbage can, looks great and is functional as well. This style has a removable charcoal filter in the lid.  This helps to prevent smells escaping the breather holes.  The lid is a stainless steele colour and fits snugly inside the compost bin. 

Size:  29 x 18cm and holds 5 Litres.

This is a stylish must for any household.


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