Country Timber Wooden 3 Piece Toilet Bathroom Set Box Chicken


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Country Timber Wooden 3 Piece Toilet Bathroom Set Box Chicken

Love the look and feel of a Natural Element in your house??  Timber is the answer!

Not only is it Natural, but all of our timber items are Handmade just for you!!  Not mass produced, but made in our own shed, in our own backyard, with our own hands, right here in Queensland, Australia
These handmade items have been stained in our own signature stain, which is a light ash type of colour.  If you wish for a different colour in stain, this can be done by yourself after you purchase, just grab a can and stain it to match what ever you want, or just enjoy the lovely matt finish of the already finished item. 
Our items are made with love, care and attention.  It will feature all the natural elements of a handmade timber item, including if there are any knots in the timber these are celebrated not always hidden. 
Set of 3 Timber Wooden Toilet Set Including a toilet roll holder with a stick insert, toilet brush box including brush, and toilet bin with lid.  These co-ordinating set of 3 all have the same image on them

Hide those essential spares away in your bathroom, toilet or ensuite in a handmade timber wooden toilet roll box. This has a stick in the middle of it to slide the rolls onto it, but this also means you can lift the stick up to reach the bottom rolls, all without standing up.  It holds approx 4 rolls.  The matching toilet roll box has an included toilet cleaning brush and holder.  So you don’t need to find one that fits, we have done that for you.  The toilet bin has been stained inside, but if you wish you could line the bin a plastic bag.

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