Country Doorstop Sitting Weighted Grey Bulldog Dog Door Stopper


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Country Doorstop Sitting Weighted Grey Bulldog Dog Door Stopper

Had you had trouble with pets constantly afoot?  Or maybe you can’t have pets where you are?   Well, this Doorstop  will not only sit in one corner, it will keep doors open for you and he doesn’t make a mess, eat much or make any noises.

Size: 16x24x24cm

Filled with Sand

The need for doorstops always arises in all homes – after all, when it comes to doors, they have a way of slamming shut when winds pick up. Holding them up when conditions get gusty is easy with adorable doorstops.  This adorable one will do just that. Filled with confidence and strength to perform its job to the fullest, it will aid holding the door just as much ajar you desire to leave it open. Made of sturdy fabric, its cute little shape and detailing make it a lovely way of cheering up doorways. The shape has been created with much precision and the it has been filled with adequate amounts of sand to give it the right kind of weightiness, and will hold on firmly with a great grip to doors that are quite heavy.

This beautiful piece will look great in any room, lounge, bedroom, dining or kitchen.  All you have to do is decide where.  Or maybe you want to give it to a friend or family member as a present.  Know that you will be appreciated every day they look at it.  You want something that gives you the pleasure, when you look at it. This is just the type of decorative accent you’ve been searching for.


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