Clocks Country Vintage Inspired Wall ROSE AMOUR ET PASSION Hanging Clock


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Clocks Country Vintage Inspired Wall ROSE AMOUR ET PASSION Hanging Clock New

If you have to look at a clock everyday, why not look at one that is beautiful as well as functional. 

Our clocks not only show off and look like a little bit of artwork on the wall, but they actually work and tell the time as well.  Isn’t that what you want with one anyway?

 This country and vintage inspired styled clock, fits the bill.  Not only is it an attractive and stylish clock that hangs on the wall, but it will tick away and actually tell you the time as well. 

The main clock part is 50cm wide by 33cm high, not including the knob and handle on the top.

Uses an AA Battery

The clock on the microwave isn’t cutting it for you anymore, so you’ve decided to opt for a wall clock to use in your kitchen as well, or even the Lounge or another room. You want something that not only gives you the time, but that also looks like a piece of art you want to proudly display. This Clock is just the type of decorative accent you’ve been searching for.

 This has an aged look, as if it were purchased right from an antique shop. However, you know style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret at how little this Clock really cost you.

The clock is a great size and is easy to see from a distance, as well as making a statement.  It is made of a sturdy construction with metal hands.

It runs on AA battery, this is not included though, and is Brand New inside its original packaging.

You will be the envy or your friends and family with this addition to your home.

This item is sent to you with Tracking and Insurance included, which means you can order with a peace of mind.


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