Brother Circular Attachment Sewing Machine Foot Quilting Genuine


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Brother Circular Attachment Sewing Machine Foot Quilting Genuine

Excellent tool for creating precise circles with straight stitching, zigzag, embellishing and decorative stitches. Easy to set up, easy to use!

Automated fabric pivoting creates  circles with radiss ranging from 30mm to 130mm.

This additional accessory includes the Braiding Foot with an adjustable guide that offers you hands-free (after set-up) placement of cords, ribbons and braiding up to 5mm in width centered along selected circle circumference. The Cording Foot for 7mm horizontal machines is used for embellishing projects with 1, 2 or 3 cords or decorative stitches. Great for couching! Use the Protractor Template as a guide for easy measuring and accurate stitching.


  • Circular attachment
  • Pivot Pin
  • 1 screw for set-up (plus 1 spare)
  • Braiding foot
  • Cording foot (Use 1 to 3 cords)
  • Quarter Circular Template
  • Instruction manual

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Compatible with:

  • NS15
  • NS25
  • NS35
  • NS55
  • FS155
  • Innov-is A16
  • Innov-is A80
  • Innov-is NV50S
  • Innov-is A150
  • Innov-is 950
  • Innov-is NV180
  • Innov-is NV180D
  • Innov-is NQ3500D
  • Innov-is NQ3700D
  • Innov-is NV1100
  • Innov-is NV1300
  • Innov-is NV1800Q
  • Innov-is NV2600
  • Innov-is NV2700
  • Innov-is VQ2400
  • Innov-is VQ3000
  • Innov-is BQ2500
  • Innov-is BQ3100
  • Innov-is VM5100
  • Innov-is VM5200
  • Innov-is VM6200D
  • Innov-is XV8500D
  • Innov-is XV8550D
  • Innov-is XJ1
  • Innov-is XP1
  • Innov-is XP2


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