Ashdene Kitchen Eco Canister Terracotta Onion Charcoal


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Ashdene Kitchen Eco Canister Terracotta Onion Charcoal

If you want to give your home the feel of a time when retro was real, then look no further than these lovely items.  It has a retro vintage style, but will suit any modern, country or retro style house and living.

Designed to optimally store onions, our Eco Vaults are made from 100% natural terracotta. With holes at the base to allow air flow, the vaults help keel alliums in a dark and cool environment.
Ideal for keeping onion fresher for longer and keeps left-overs
Re-usable solution to eliminate single use plastics
Holes at base allow contents to breathe while keeping it away from direct light
Stylish way to store left over onion or veggies

Size 16.5×16.5×21


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This is a stylish must for any household.

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