5D Diamond Painting Full Image Square Drills Angel 40X30cm


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5D Diamond Painting Full Image Square Drills Angel 40X30cm

5D Cross Stitch or Diamond Painting is all the craze at the moment.

Great for de-stressing, a relaxing easy new craft that anyone can do.

This Diamond Painting, is a full area image, meaning you do all of it, not just partial picture.

If you are needle and thread deficient, and can’t stand sewing machines, or other handicrafts are all double dutch, than this is the latest craze craft for you.

These make wonderful gifts, or proudly show off your masterpieces in your own home.

To display, you could find a photo frame similar size and mount it in that, or you can stick one of them onto a canvas and hang.  There is a few you tube videos showing you how to do just this.

If you are wondering how to do one of these, you tube is full of tutorials

These don’t come with many instructions and the little bags of “diamonds” or “drills” are very tiny.

Now I prefer the quality and the look of the square drills, compared to the round, due to the fact that there is no canvas still showing after being finished, which also means there is not sticky surface that will gather dust and dirt later on, as round ones can.

Also, beware of cheaper imitations.  By this I mean, the drill or diamonds, are not hollowed out on the bottom.  This will really affect the amount of surface that sticks to the canvas.

We only provide square brilliantly cut diamond drills, with flat bottoms, and highly faceted, for extra brilliance and shine.


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