2019 Lang, Legacy & Pine Ridge Calendars


It is that time of year again…. Time to order your 2019 Calendar.  Please remember that if the listing says SOLD OUT, then we are not able to get more of this in.  If the listing says BACKORDER AVAILABLE, means that we will be getting more in stock, you might just have to wait a little longer for your order.


    • hubsite says:

      hi, I just checked on this for you, and it seems that Lang Calendars did not do a Marjolein Bastin Natures Journal at all this year. I cannot find it anywhere. This is also for the Engagement Planner as well. Sorry. You may have to look for another one. There is lots of new ones this year, however which meant there was a few older ones that were deleted.

    • hubsite says:

      Hi, I am sorry, but that particular one was not released this year by Lang. I think it may have been a deleted title.
      thanks for your enquiry

  1. Monica Butling says:

    Hi I am looking to buy your Cows in the Meadows calendar but cant seem to find it on your website. Please help. Thankyou. Monica

    • hubsite says:

      hi, sorry but this title has now sold out and is no longer available. The only ones left, is the ones listing on our site.

    • hubsite says:

      Hi, this particular one was not on our suppliers stock list this year. Sorry, we will not be able to get this one in.

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